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Brian Wichmann and Tony Lee

This page gives an index to the information stored on this web site apart from the information about individual tilings.
File  Type Description
Islamic patterns by areaHTML Allows access to list of Islamic patterns by area.
Advanced searchHTML A search facility with several options
The Geometric Rosette : analysis of an Islamic decorative motifPDF Paper by Tony Lee and Ayman Soliman on Rosettes
Source of tiling patterns by areaPDF Gives details on the construction of the lists by area
BourgoinSourcesPDF An analysis of Bourgoin's drawings with possible sources.
Dates of patternsPDF Dates of Islamic patterns
draw4PDF Drawing an Islamic pattern. A note explaining that this is not quite as easy as it might seem.
indexHTML Entry page to the system which cycles through over 100 patterns
faqHTML This file of Frequently Asked Questions may answer a query you have. If not, please email me.
fullinfoHTML Gives overview of complete system: starting point for understanding this web site.
general searchHTML A search facility with a few options
index1HTML Home page.
interlacePDF Description of interlaces.
islamgrpPDF Published paper giving the frequency of the symmetry groups in Islamic patterns from this collection.
latestHTML This gives an overview of the recent additions to the system.
ltxALZ1PDF Describes the details of how to draw a specific pattern.
manualPDF The main manual for the system: please consult this if you cannot understand what has happened in using the system. Please inform me if you find anything inconsistent with this manual.
outrefsHTML This is a complete list of all the sources used in compiling the collection. Applies to the current release. Every reference is used at least once (you can check this by a search).
simHTML This shows small collections of similar tilings.
slidesHTML This is a slideshow illustrating the main types of pattern to be found in this collection. Use this to bwose the collection and understand how to locate other patterns.
specialsHTML This page describes the special collections.
statsHTML This contains a statistical summary of the tilings in the collection. Applies to the current release.
symPDF This note describes the Symmetry Group notation, due to Conway-Thurston, that has been used from Version 7.
tileinputcHTML This page is a form for entering data for the simple search. Use this when searching for patterns containing mainly regular polygons and star polygons.
tileinputdHTML This page is a form for entering data for the comprehensive search. To get the best out of this web site, you probably need to use this page.
tipsHTML Tips on searching for a pattern
Tony's notebooksHTML Index page to Tony Lee's notebooks
Start of the tree searchHTML Link to page which allows patterns to be found by answering simple questions.
Two-level patternsPDF Persian Two-Level Patterns in Practice
Index to photosHTML List all the links to Patterns in Islamic Art