Starting position for a tree search

You can find any tiling pattern in the system by answering a number of simple questions. Eventually, the number of patterns satisfying the properties you have specified will be small enough to display them all - at this point you can select the one you want. If you make a mistake with your selection, you can use back with your browser to recover the situation.
Since this is the starting position, there are 2676 patterns to choose from.
The first question is to determine if the pattern is a repeat-pattern or if it does not repeat. For repeat pattern, one can choose two positions such that translating the pattern from one position to the other makes no change to it. An example of a repeat pattern is:
The other possibility is that the pattern does not repeat. These usually means that there is some special point which occurs only once. This special point is usually at the centre of the pattern as shown. Alternatively, the pattern may appear in a strip which will repeat in a vertical direction. An example of a non-repeating pattern is:
Now you must choose: