Additions in Version 37

Relatively few pattern additions this time - the main work has been on consolidation. For instance, the group of patterns with 9 and 12 point stars which are related are now identified, see Related tilings with 9 and 12-pt stars.

A new document has been prepared Tony Lee and Ayman Soliman on the important topic of Rosettes, see The Geometric Rosette : analysis of an Islamic decorative motif. Ayman has also provided some excellent photos enabling further patterns to be produced.

New search facility

Based upon the usage made of the existing facility, a new version has been designed which is hopefully easier to use and has addtional options.

The new version works entirely by setting options, designed to cover the main forms of tiling patterns. The major addition is that it is possible to state what should not appear in the pattern. Hence one can specify that a regular hexagon should appear but that an equilateral triangle should not (there are 209 such patterns).

For various techical reasons, I would like to remove the older searching system, so I would appreciate feedback on the new system..

The new Advanced search is here.