Version 36 Newsletter

New patterns

Only five new patetrns have been added for this release, for these, do a text search for the string data202. We know of quite a few more, but they are not straight-forward to present adequately on the web site.

Interlace counts

For sometime, there has been a problem with the system. If a pattern could be coloured with just two colours, then it was possible to ask for patterns with specific number of interlaces (either finite or infinite). Unfortunately, these numbers were often incorrect. To avoid confusion, these counts no longer appear in the comprehensive search facility.

Software has now been written to solve this problem. For further details, see - Interlacing.

Change of direction

It does appear that the sources of new authentic Islamic patterns is drying up a bit. Hence it is likely that changes to this web site will mainly be undertaking more analysis of the existing material, rather than many more patterns. Further analysis has been undertaken of a class of patterns using specific edge lengths, extended the number of patterns involved, see Tiling whose tile angles are a multiple of 45° and whose lengths are p+q*√2..

Want to help?

There are always some activities which could be undertaken to improve this web site. Please email us if you are interested.
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