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James William Wild

We have found that James William Wild produced a large number of drawings in Cairo in the 1830's. These drawings are available from the V&A collections web site. Hence we have been able to add a large number of patterns from this source. To see these, search for the publication [wild].

Sakkal's collection

Mamoun Sakkal has given us permission to use his collection of motifs which spell out 'Ali' in stylised Arabic script. To see these, search for the publication [sakkal].


The patterns which have a non-mathematical basis are located in data0 (that is, names are data0/ABC, etc). The graphic of these patterns are being redrawn by Tony Lee using Inkscape. Hopefully, the entire material will soon be to the same standard as the main body of patterns.

Interlace counts

For sometime, there has been a problem with the system. If a pattern could be coloured with just two colours, then it was possible to ask for patterns with specific number of interlaces (either finite or infinite). Unfortunately, these numbers were often incorrect. To avoid confusion, these counts no longer appear in the comprehensive search facility. The description of the patterns still contains this information, even though it may be incorrect. It is hoped that software will be written to compute the values.

Change of direction

It does appear that the sources of new authentic Islamic patterns is drying up a bit (with the exception of the Wild and Sakkal noted above). Hence it is likely that changes to this web site will mainly be undertaking more analysis of the existing material, rather than many more patterns.

Want to help?

There are always some activities which could be undertaken to improve this web site. Please email us if you are interested.
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